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Rental conditions and rules of behavior

We strongly recommend booking our bikes in advance, especially in the high seasons. The reservation can be made by filling out the appropriate form or by writing to specifying all your requests (number and model of bike, requested accessories, day and time of pick up and drop off). For each rented bike, an helmet, a lock and an anti-puncture kit are provided free of charge.

After confirmation of availability by the staff, in order to finalize the booking the customer must pay a 25% deposit (downpayment) by bank transfer or credit card (online procedure that does not require the customer to provide card details to BYEBIKE). The deposit is not refundable; should a cancellation occur, if notice is given by email at least 5 days before the rental start date, BYEBIKE will offer the customer the possibility of shifting the reservation to another day/period within 12 months, compatibly with availability of bikes and accessories.

When picking up the bike(s), it will be the customer’s responsibility to read the contract carefully; when the contract is signed, the customer can pay the balance by cash or credit card, even a prepaid one; please note that we do NOT accept American Express circuit cards; the customer must also show a valid identity document and provide the data of a non-prepaid credit card as a guarantee, authorizing BYeBIKE, through the signing of the contract, to charge to it the costs of possible damage, loss or theft of the bike(s) and/or accessories-equipment.

Each rented bike will be equipped with a lock or other anti-theft device. The customer must use this device every time he leaves the bike unattended, even for a short period.

BYEBIKE commits to supplying bike(s) and accessories-equipment in perfect operating conditions; the customer and the delivery clerk will check together, before the start of the rental, that everything is in order, in every function and in every aspect, and any minor pre-existing damage must be listed in the appropriate section of the contract. The customer can briefly try the bike(s) before the beginning of the rental. In the event of a sudden breakdown, nothing can be claimed.

The bike must be used with care and common sense, as a means of transport and recreation, following all the rules of the Civil Code and in particular those of the Traffic Laws, which are assumed to be known by the user. The rented bike(s) can only be used by the persons identified in the contract, since the rental involves the assumption of responsibility by the user for any damage to things, people or to the vehicle itself with its own equipment-accessories. In this sense, any damage and/or injury consequent to the circulation and use of the rented vehicle will be ascribed only to the hirer, while the renter is expressly and implicitly exempt from any liability related to accidents with damage to property and/or persons caused by user and/or third parties.

During the rental, delay of the return time as indicated in the contract is possible only with permission of the BYEBIKE staff to be obtained via telephone or e-mail. Any other delay in returning the bike, within the scheduled day, will be subject to payment of the full fare corresponding to an additional day. Unauthorized return of the bike after the scheduled day will result in twice the full daily rate being charged to the credit card and can be criminally prosecuted.

On returning the bike(s) BYeBIKE, together with the customer, will check the condition of the bike(s) and make sure that all the accessories-equipment supplied have been returned in their original state:

  • In the case of positive outcome, a release will be issued to the client upon request, exempting him/her from any subsequent dispute.
  • If damage and/or lack of accessories-equipment are found, the compensation to be paid will be defined on the basis of the price list that the customer has viewed at the beginning of the rental and immediately charged; the customer can pay by cash or credit card, otherwise BYeBIKE will charge the amounts due to the customer’s credit card.
  • In the event of damage to the bike(s), the customer will receive a model of notification with which BYEBIKE reserves the right, within 15 days, to estimate the damage, including the costs of labor, or the non reparability of the vehicle implying for the customer the obligation to repay the value of the entire vehicle, defined on the basis of the market price decreased proportionally to the age of the vehicle itself. Once the estimate of the damage has been made, BYEBIKE will send a copy of it to the customer via email; the customer, within 7 days of the date of the email, can pay the amount due by cash or bank transfer, otherwise BYEBIKE will proceed to charge it to his/her credit card.
  • In case of failure to return the bike(s) for whatever reason, the customer will be charged the value of the entire vehicle, defined according to the market price decreased proportionally to the age of the vehicle itself; the customer can pay by credit card, otherwise BYEBIKE will proceed to charge the amount due to his/her credit card.

The customer can dispute the invoice relative to the various repayment cases listed above by sending a complaint to our addresses or by contacting the judicial authority.
In the event of total or partial theft of the bike or of the accessories-equipment, in addition to the above provisions concerning the refund of the value, the customer must also file a report to the Carabinieri or to the Police and deliver a copy of it to BYEBIKE.

BYEBIKE S.r.l. – registered office Via M. Mencattelli 40/B, Montepulciano (SI)

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